Interruption of your pregnancy

The decision of pregnancy termination is complex for women, so we offer support and comprehensive information on both the physical and psychological aspects involved.

Termination of pregnancy (I.V.E. in Spanish)

The interruption may be spontaneous or at the request of the pregnant woman. In the latter case it is called voluntary interruption of pregnancy or IVE.

State assisted centre recognized by the Health Service of the Principality of Asturias (SESPA)
The abortion is recognized since 2010 as a right for women and covered by the Social Security. This means that is free and you do not have to pay anything and Clinica Belladonna is a state assisted center, so you just need the health card from the Principality of Asturias, your ID and to follow these simple steps:

Steps for the voluntary termination of pregnancy in Asturias

  1. Come to Clinica Belladonna and tell the front desk staff you would like to find out about the voluntary interruption of pregnancy
  2. You will get an envelope from SESPA (Asturias Health Service) containing the information necessary for making your decision stop or not your pregnancy. It needs to be collected in person by the woman who will have the termination done.
  3. It is necessary to wait three days from the time of collection of the envelope as a reflection period. After the three days if you continue with your decision to terminate your pregnancy you can now make an appointment by phone.

If you opt for the interruption, the team at Belladonna, once the time of gestation has been determined, will explain the possibilities of choosing a chemical or surgical abortion in the best possible conditions.
• You can send us your questions or ask for an appointment via our contact form or if you prefer, call us at 985 35 15 76.

Pregnancy termination methods

Techniques for the interruption vary with the gestational age. The earlier the abortion is done, the less risk and the possibility of complications. The termination of a pregnancy before twelve weeks of gestation has fewer complications and health risks than giving birth, provided it is done under the right conditions and properly trained personnel.

The aspiration method
It is used before the ten to twelve weeks of pregnancy. This method does not require hospitalization and is done usually under local anesthesia with minimal risks. Sometimes it can be performed under general anesthesia.

Curettage technique
It is an operation which sometimes complements the aspiration method to ensure complete emptying of the uterus. Other times, curettage is performed exclusively as a technique to terminate the pregnancy. Usually it is done under general anesthesia.

The pharmacological method
It can be carried out if less than 7 weeks since the last absence of a menstrual period and if there is no medical indication against it.
It involves taking a tablet orally that prevents the pregnancy from developing.

  • After 36 to 48 hours you will be given some tablets administered vaginally.
  • You will have to go to the clinic for an ultrasound scan and to check that the expulsion occurred, after a vaginal bleeding similar to abundant menstruation.
  • After 15 days we will the repeat the ultrasound scan to check the status of your uterus.
  • Finally we talk about the contraceptive method that you have chosen to avoid another unwanted pregnancy.
    The main side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, chills and vaginal bleeding that are usually quite mild.


Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE)

  • It is a basic provision of the Spanish social security
  • If you are covered by the National Health Service, you only need to present your current health card.
  • Some insurance companies also cover the IVE and presenting the bill they will refund you for part of it or all.
  • If you’re not covered by the Health Service and have no private insurance, the price is 400/500 euros depending on your week of gestation.
  • If your blood type is negative, the price of the immunoglobulin is 60 euros (must be provided for each pregnancy).
  • For interventions on longer gestation periods, you should consult the clinic where you will get it done, which we can refer you to and then get the checks done at ours when you return.
  • In Asturias there are no clinics performing terminations for more than 12 weeks of pregnancy calculated by ultrasound.

FAQ on abortion

Answers to questions on abortion for our patients

How much does an abortion cost?

The abortion is included in the Social Security and you do not have to pay anything. Belladonna is a concerted SESPA (Asturias Health Service) center and you only need the health card from the Principality of Asturias and your ID.

How is it performed?

There are two methods: Surgical where a suction surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia (sedation), and chemical one, which is done withpills.

What is the best method?

There is not one better than another, each has its limitations. The choice depends on the personality of the patient, their medical history as well as the appreciation of the doctor. Neither method requires hospitalization.

How many weeks into my pregnancy can I have a medical abortion?

• If it is the decision of the woman, you can terminate your pregnancy up to 14 weeks
• In case of risk to the life of the woman or severe fetal anomalies you can terminate the pregnancy up to 22 weeks.
• Finally you could terminate the pregnancy any time if the fetus abnormalities are incompatible with life or extremely serious illness.

Who or how is the method that I use decided?

The method is up to you, after a scan, depending on the weeks of pregnancy and with the medical judgment based on your medical history.

When can I use the chemical method?

Chemical abortion is until week 7 of gestation.

What is the risk an interruption of pregnancy?

Induced abortion is a surgical procedure with a very low incidence of complications.

Do I have to return to the clinic after the abortion?

15 days after the procedure you must return to get an ultrasound scan. From that point you can have a gynecological examination and start with a contraceptive method.

Can I use the chemical method if I am a smoker?

Yes, tobacco is not a contraindication for women under 35 years. From that age is left to the physician evaluating the patient, as there is a cardiovascular risk.

After the abortion, will I have pain? Will I bleed?

It is normal to have discomfort and pain. Bleeding varies according to each woman but it is normal to bleed like a usual menstruation as a rule for a few days. With some minimal care you will go back to normal life in a few hours.

When can I start using contraception?

After the abortion you can already start with the contraceptive method chosen, to be protected when you resume sexual intercourse. In our clinic we will inform you about everything you need.

If I am feeling ill or bleed a lot after leaving to the clinic, where can I go?

Our emergency service will be available 24 hours. You can contact Belladona when needed.

If I have any doubts, can I talk to someone to help me make my decision?

The decision is only for you to make, but you can talk to our psychologist and / or social worker who will try and help in any way needed.
For more information:
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